Why Stake With Consensus Networks?

Consensus Networks offers a hybridized, multi-cloud, multi-region network architecture optimized for blockchain applications. We are excited about the potential NuCypher has to advance the fields of Secure Compute and Privacy Preserving Applications and cannot wait to serve you with our Ursula!

What is Consensus Networks?

Simply put, blockchain infrastructure is what we do. We create custom, blockchain dedicated infrastructure optimized to the needs of Web3 technologies. Our multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure is trusted by the DoD and NIH and we are excited to bring our LedgerOps expertise to NuCypher to serve you with our Ursula!

What is NuCypher?

The NuCypher Protocol is providing the infrastructure needed for secure, privacy-preserving applications. NuCypher's network provides cryptographic access controls for distributed applications & protocols that allow users to manage secrets with greater efficacy and security and more dynamically control access control to their applications and perform secure, private computation on encrypted data by outsourced nodes on the network. Click here to learn more!

What is an Ursula?

An Ursula is a node on the NuCypher Network that receives information about a user policy governing access to his or her encrypted data and is rewarded for re-encrypting that data through a process known as proxy re-encryption. Ursulas are to NuCypher what validators are to other proof-of-stake networks. The only difference is that instead of being rewarded for producing blocks, they are rewarded for performing re-encryption operations.

Staking With Consensus

We truly appreciate you staking your NU tokens with us as we work to rearchitect the future of privacy-preserving applications. Below is a detailed plan of our technical specifications and how you can stake with our Ursula.

Our Technical Specifications:

We will be operating our Ursula out of our secure data center using the following specs for the duration of the Cassandra incentivized testnet: 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD, 100 MB internet. However, we have the ability to leverage the cloud and our own physical infrastructure, allowing us to create highly available, mutli-region & multi-cloud architectures for our Ursula deployments as NuCypher grows.

Staking with Our Ursula

Nucypher is still in testing, so you can't stake with us for financial returns quite yet, but you if you want to have first access to staking with our Ursula heres what to do.

For full instructions on setting up a staking node on your local machine please see the NuCypher Documentation here. After syncing geth, installing NuCypher, and initiating a stake, when you go to set the worker enter the below address for the worker address:


Assuming the transaction goes through you will be officially staked with our Ursula! If you have any questions or want to learn more about if NuCypher is right for your application, click here to contact one of our LedgerOps experts today.