Why Consensus Networks as Your Transcoder?


We are extremely thankful for those choosing to stake to us as a Transcoder and want to show our gratitude for the support by sharing our rewards with you!

Consensus Networks will only take a 10% rewards cut and share 35% of the fees with our stakers. Read a more detailed description of what these rewards systems will look like below!


How Will We Operate Our Transcoder?

Read on to see the technical specifications of our transcoder and our rewards plan for those staking with us as they build the future of distributed streaming!

Technical Specifications for Our Transcoder

We understand the responsibility we have to the Livepeer Community as a Transcoder to support and maintain the network at all times. Therefore, we will be providing robust networking solutions to meet the needs of Livepeer developers and offer constant support from our LedgerOps experts. Our Transcoder has the following specs:

  • 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz,
  • 8 GB RAM,
  • 500 GB SSD,
  • 100 MB internet.

As a blockchain dedicated infrastructure provider, Consensus Networks has the ability to leverage both cloud and physical hardware environments. Initially we will utilize cloud-based infrastructure to host our Transcoder, but plan to transition everything onto physical hardware in our tier 4 data center in the near future. We believe this is a necessary approach in order to maximize security and network uptime as the Livepeer Network grows.

Price and Rewards

Consensus Networks will  only take a 10% rewards cut, and share the remaining 90% of the rewards with those staking on our transcoder. These rewards will be distributed proportionately based on how much you stake. So the more you stake, the greater your rewards!

Additionally, we will share 35% of the transaction fees we collect and set our price at 150 GWEI. We will also use a portion of our rewards cut to give back to the Livepeer community by creating an internal rewards pool. Of the 10% reward cut that we are taking as a transcoder, we will be allocating half towards an internal rewards fund for Livepeer developers using our infrastructure. More on how this internal pool will be awarded to come soon!

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