Why Consensus Networks as Your Validator?

Consensus Networks offers a hybridized network architecture optimized for blockchain applications. We are excited about the potential Kava has to advance DeFi applications across multiple digital assets and cannot wait to serve you as a Validator!

What is Consensus Networks?

Simply put, blockchain infrastructure is what we do. We create custom, blockchain dedicated infrastructure optimized to the needs of Web3 technologies. Our multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure is trusted by the DoD and NIH and we are excited to bring our LedgerOps expertise to Kava to serve you as a Validator!

What is KAVA?

Kava provides a fast, reliable, cross-chain collateralized debt position (CDP) platform that lets supports major crypto assets like BTC, XRP, & ATOM. Built on top of  and the Tendermint consensus engine & Cosmos SDK, Kava hopes to do for the rest of Crypto what MakerDAI did for Ethereum, and usher in the era of DeFi for all.  Click here to find out more about how Kava is building the first dedicated DeFi platform offering collateralized loans & stable coins for all major crypto assets.

What is a Validator

A Validator is responsible for relaying transactions and proposing, verifying, and finalizing blocks on Kava. We take our role as a Validator seriously and strive to provide the best service possible to those staking on our platform and the Kava community as a whole. We know the maintenance and security of the network as a whole falls on us and are eager to serve this exciting role on Kava.

Staking With Consensus

We truly appreciate you staking your KAVA with us as we work to help rearchitect the future of finance. Below is a detailed plan of our technical specifications and how we will  distribute rewards to those staking on our platform. 

Our Technical Specifications:

Our Validator will have the following specs: 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD, 100 MB internet. As a blockchain dedicated infrastructure provider, Consensus Networks has the ability to leverage both cloud and our own physical infrastructure, allowing us to create highly available, mutli-region & multi-cloud architectures for our secure validator deployment. We believe this is a necessary approach in order to maximize security and network uptime as the KAVA grows.

Staking with Consensus Networks

We are still experimenting with Kava, so you can't stake with us quite yet. If you are interested in learning what staking on Kava with Consensus Networks is like, or if Kava is right for your application, click here to contact one of our LedgerOps experts today!