Rewards Plan

We appreciate you choosing us as your delegate node on the IoTeX network. Rewards will be distributed to those staking on our Delegate Node two ways: direct kickback rewards and community rewards. We are excited to support the IoTeX community and are eager to share the promise of this platform with you, our supporters!

Kickback Rewards

Consensus Networks will take a 10% cut of the rewards, share 10% with the community pool, and share the remaining 80% with our stakers. The rewards will be distributed proportionally based on the amount you stake. So the more you stake, the greater your return!  The remaining funds will be used to grow our own stake on the node, maintain the server, and go into a community rewards pool (see below).

Community Rewards

Blockchain development can be hard, especially when there is little community support. To help advance the IoTeX protocol and grow its developer community, we will give out monthly rewards to users staking on our platform that contribute to these efforts. This can take the form of developing applications on our infrastructure, making tutorials, or referring your friends to stake and contribute to the IoTeX protocol. We look forward to seeing what IoTeX applications you will create and are eager to support you along the way!

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