What is Consensus Networks?

Simply put, blockchain infrastructure is what we do. We create custom, blockchain dedicated infrastructure optimized to the needs of Web3 technologies. Our multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure is trusted by the DoD and NIH and we are excited to bring our LedgerOps expertise to Elixxir and the xx network!


What is Elixxir?

Elixxir is the brainchild of digital currency visionary David Chaum and describes itself as a transaction platform running on a full-stack blockchain.  Elixxir aims to provide unprecedented transaction speed and scale (>100,000 tps), while maintaining total privacy and security. We cannot wait to tell you more about it as our work with Elixxir & the xx network unfolds!

What Does it Mean to Be on the BetaNet?

We will be one of the first 100 nodes that are helping Elixxir bootstrap the xx network. This means that our node will be a part of the infrastructure comprising Elixxir's privacy-protecting mix network that offers quantum resistant security and is capable of supporting messaging, payments and data transfer for dApps. We will keep you updated as things progress! 

More on David Chaum and Our Next Steps with Elixxir

David Chaum is widely regarded as one of the forefathers of digital money and cryptocurrencies. The Elixxir protocol is one of the most ambitious blockchain networks to date that aims to redefine traditional finance, communication, and web applications as we know them. To learn more about this exciting protocol and its visionary leader, read on below!

Who is David Chaum?

David Chaum is a renowned cryptographer who is often cited as the inventor of digital money. Having started DigiCash in 1994, Chaum was ahead of his time in seeing the transformative potential that digital money could have and released the first electronic money known as eCash. However, Chaum was limited by the technology of the time. With the emergence of blockchain technology, Chaum is now leading Elixxir and hopes to provide the world with complete digital sovereignty at unprecedented scale.  

Whats Next?

The exact details of what supporting the BetaNet will look like have not come forth yet. However, as with all of the protocols we host, we plan to actively work alongside the Elixxir Community to move the project forward by providing support on projects we find alignment with.

We are really excited to be supporting this protocol and will update this page as things advance. If you are interested in finding out more about Elixxir and if it is right for you, click here to contact one of our ledgerOps experts today!