Why Consensus Networks as Your Validator?

Consensus Networks offers a hybridized network architecture optimized for blockchain applications. We are excited about the potential Cosmos has to advance the blockchain ecosystem and cannot wait to serve you as a Validator!

What is a Validator?

A Validator is responsible for relaying transactions and proposing, verifying, and finalizing blocks on Cosmos. They also play a critical role in the evolution of the network by voting on governance proposals using their stake.

We take our role as a Validator seriously and strive to provide the best service possible to those staking on our platform and the Cosmos community as a whole. We know the maintenance and security of the network as a whole falls on us and are eager to serve this exciting role in the Cosmos network.

Let Us Reward You

We are extremely appreciative of those choosing to stake their Atoms to us as a Validator  and want to show our gratitude by sharing our rewards with you!

Consensus Networks will only take a 10% rewards cut,  and share the remaining 90% of Atoms we receive with our stakers.  Read a more detailed description of what these rewards systems will look like below!


Rewards Plan

We truly appreciate you choosing us to stake your Atoms to as you explore the new frontiers of blockchain with Cosmos. Below is a detailed plan of how we will allocate and distribute rewards to those staking on our platform.

Our Technical Specifications:

Our Validator will have the following specs: 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD, 100 MB internet. As a blockchain dedicated infrastructure provider, Consensus Networks has the ability to leverage both cloud and physical infrastructure. Initially we will utilize cloud-based environments, but plan to transition everything onto physical hardware in our data centers. We believe this is a necessary approach in order to maximize security and network uptime as the Cosmos Network grows.

Rewards Distribution

We will distribute 90% of the rewards we receive to Cosmos members staking on our platform. These Atoms will be distributed proportionally to the amount a user stakes on our Validator, so the more you stake the larger your return!

We also plan on working alongside the Cosmos community to build SDK tools that will assist developers in building the internet of blockchains! We are eager to be a part of the Cosmos Community and let us know how else we can support you.