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  • HIPAA-compliant Platform-as-a-Service that medical IoT (IoMT) devices can plug into for highly traceable data management, security, and provenance, while leveraging EHR integration capabilities.
  • Ability to ‘Plug-in’ to existing technical infrastructure & create trusted identities for IoMT devices and automate FHIR Resource creation for all data ingested into the platform.
  • HIPAA-compliant immutable data storage with granular permission controls and data enrichment capabilities by combining IoMT data with other static and real-time data sources.
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Custom Data Solutions

  • Work with our experts to select the the best technologies and solutions for your health data privacy, security, analytics, or general management needs.
  • Focus on growing your business and delivering end user value while we ensure that your application maintains compliance  with HIPAA Security & Privacy Rules.
  • We help you leverage cutting-edge technologies like serverless and blockchain to build cost-effective, highly secure data solutions that scale seamlessly as your application and business grow.
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