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Digital Asset Management

  • Manage and integrate all of your digital assets and wallets in one easy to use dashboard. Aggregate your digital currency and NFTs across the variety of protocols you use. 
  • Interact with blockchain protocols, accessing mints and air-drops. Stake and manage your digital currencies across protocols from Ethereum and beyond.
  • Access specialized tooling that helps protect and inform you: Intelligence to protect you from bad smart contracts and Ledger to make taxes easy. Because we index at the protocol level, we provide you with real time information and on chain analytics to help you make the best decisions with your digital assets. Contact us today to get early access!
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Decentralized Communications

  • HealthNet is an end-to-end logistics solution designed to integrate with existing logistics systems, real-time data from warfighters, and external systems like EHRs to facilitate just in time delivery and tracking of medical supplies, including biologics.
  • HealthNet connects with existing IoT infrastructure or our own secure devices for real-time tracking, cold chain verification, and other vital communications. LoRaWAN to satellite communications ensure secure, encrypted connectivity worldwide.
  • Our decentralized and secure communications protocol has capabilities beyond healthcare to deliver information securely anywhere on the globe.
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