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Digital Asset Management

Manage and integrate all of your digital assets and wallets in one easy to use dashboard. Aggregate your digital currency across the variety of protocols you use.  Interact with your protocols, accessing mints and air-drops. Stake and manage your digital currencies across protocols from Ethereum and beyond. Access specialized tooling that helps protect and inform you: Intelligence to protect you from bad smart contracts and SRI to make taxes easy. Because we are working and indexing at the protocol level, we are able to provide users with real time information and on chain analytics to help you make the best decisions with your digital assets. Contact us today to get early access! Contact Us


  • HIPAA-compliant Platform-as-a-Service that medical IoT (IoMT) devices can plug into for highly traceable data management, security, and provenance, while leveraging EHR integration capabilities.
  • Ability to ‘Plug-in’ to existing technical infrastructure & create trusted identities for IoMT devices and automate FHIR Resource creation for all data ingested into the platform.
  • HIPAA-compliant immutable data storage with granular permission controls and data enrichment capabilities by combining IoMT data with other static and real-time data sources.
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